Primary School Art and Pottery Teaching

We specialise in delivering high quality art and pottery teaching in primary schools.  We have over 25 years experience of teaching primary art and of training teachers to teach art.  We encourage school staff to develop their artistic and teaching skills while working with us.

In 2019 we a specifically focussing on group canvas projects.  These involve the whole class and develop a range of skills. In these activities the teacher/ artist leads the project with the children acting as apprentices working collaboratively together.  You can see examples on our Gallery page.

Our Lessons

We have a range of lessons ready to deliver to schools as well as taking your own topics and themes and developing them into units of art teaching.

Developing Core Skills

With limited curriculum time given to art we specialise in developing the core skills that we feel primary children should develop and we plan most of our projects around these.  Drawing, painting and pottery are at the heart of our work.  All art lessons involve elements of drawing.  We teach a variety of painting projects including mixed media work.  We teach pottery as our core 3D work.   We also provide basic print making activities.

Developing Knowledge and Understanding of Art

All of our work is referenced to the work of adult artists, illustrators and designers.  We incorporate discussion of works of art in nearly all of our lessons and focus on developing key vocabulary and critical and evaluative thinking about works of art including children’s own work.  Often a work of art by an adult artist can be a key resource in our teaching to exemplify a technique, demonstrate the use of colour, subject matter etc.

Cross Curricular Learning

Some of our work consists of stand alone art lessons but we feel we make the most impact when we are able to teach a number of lessons with different age groups and link these to other areas of learning.  You will see the value of this once the work is complete and displayed.  We often help schools with displays or offer advice.

We link many of our lessons to RE and History.  We also love to link art lessons to children’s literature and see a strong link between children developing as writers and as artists.  We have produced some lovely illustrative work e.g. The Selfish Giant, The Odyssey and various parables which can be found in our Gallery.

British Values Through Art

We are currently delivering lessons linked to British Values.  We feel that art has a very significant role to play in the teaching of British Values and we hope you will agree when you see your Children’s finished work on display in your school.

Christian Values for Church Schools

For Church schools we have developed a series of art lessons linked to RE and Church school values.  These have had considerable impact in raising awareness of the school’s values and have been highly regarded during Section 48 Inspections.  Many of these units of work can also be adapted to support community school values.

Group Art Projects & Gifted and Talented

We undertake group art projects such as large group canvases for special events.  We have produced a number of these recently and they make lovely permanent pieces of art for your school.  Examples can be seen in our Gallery.

Many schools ask for advice about talented pupils and we have carried out projects specifically with these groups of children.  All of our projects extend the more able pupils and provide them with very good opportunities to be make progress.

Our website Gallery contains a wide collection of recent work.  There is also much useful information to download to help teachers and curriculum leaders on our Resources page.

We would love to work with you so please give us a call.